Fan Club Information
Updated 2/4/98

Join The Official Jerry Lee Lewis Fan Club

A must for any die-hard Jerry Lee Lewis fan. Becoming a member gives you the inside track on upcomming shows and media appereances.
You also recieve with a membership:
An 8X10 photograph of Jerry Lee Lewis
Quartly newsletter
Membership card and certificate,
Merchandise offers that are only available to fan club members.

The membership is only $25 (add $5 outside U.S.) Mail check/money order to:

Jerry Lee Lewis Fan Club U.S.A.
4966 Quince Road Memphis, TN 38117
Fax Number: 901-684-1936

When you contact the fan club tell them you found out about it from The Official Jerry Lee Lewis Online!

The International Jerry Lee Lewis Fan Club

Our friends overseas have always been supporting the Killer 100 percent (we won't count the English press in '58) and are some of the most zelous Jerry Lee fans in the world. I have seen some of these cats with Jerry Lee Tatoo's. That is some loyalty to the Killer. So here is a plug for my buddies "overseas" and some information for you.

-been in operation since 1963-

-900 members worldwide-

-representatives in Holland, England, France, Germany and USA-

-bi-monthly magazine "Fire-Ball-Mail" in english language-

Please contact their president for any more information you might need:

Wim De Boer
Jan Hendrikstratt 22nl-89112xj BEST

or e-mail Thomas the German Representitive for info at

When you contact the fan club tell them you found out about it from The Official JLL Homepage

The United Kingdom Jerry Lee Lewis Fan Club

I recieved some e-mail from an individual saying there is a fan club in the U.K. run by Colin Phillips. His address is as follows.

Colin Phillips
PO Box 20
Sutton Surrey SM1 1AA UK

This is all the information I recieved so far. If anybody has any other information please let me know,


If you have any questions please e-mail me at